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Welcome to Hirschman Photos! I'm excited that you are visiting our website! I really hope you enjoy it! We are offering a large variety of products with this website. All photos are intended for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited without written permission. Also I do ask that you do not copy, screen shot, post, or reproduce my photos in any manner without purchasing them. Taking something that is not yours, whether physically or digitally, is stealing. Exodous 20:15 says "Thou shall not steal". If you profess to be a Christian yet are stealing photos from my website or others, there is serious doubt that you have a true relationship with Jesus. I Corithians 6: 10 says "Nor thieves...shall inherit the Kingdom of God". Corinthians was written to the church, Christians, and it states if you're a thief (someone who steals) you will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Eternal life with Jesus is part of that inheritance of God's Kingdom. In reality stealing photos from my website is not the issue, having a heart that is not right with God is the true issue. I challenge you to accept the love and forgiveness that Jesus offers you and that you repent, change your thinking , which changes your actions about how you do things. Have a great day and remember Jesus loves you and has great plans for you....just sayin'!